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The House Next Door

Photographer Camilo Jose Vergara describes his unique photo essay, Paired Houses, But One Is Abandoned at Slate. In Camden, N.J., perhaps the poorest American city I regularly visit, I photograph what I call paired houses: two...

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Are Prices Going Down?

Over at his blog, my real estate guy Tom McGiveron asks and answers this very question in a conversation with a prospective client. As we talked, I showed her all the information that I normally review. This information contains...

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A Tough Sell

From Newsday – Long Island Housing Market Is A Tough Sell A Rocky Point home Gisela Skoglund and her family are trying to sell has been on the market for nearly two years. The property is large enough to build another...

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An Empire Built On Bad Loans

In today’s New York Times via Obsidian Wings. It’s hard to know what to excerpt here. The whole article is so shocking, you should really read the whole thing. However, this part was too good to not quote. Yet even...

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Home Prices Drop In October

I’m trying to limit the number of doom and gloom posts here on HIB, but it’s hard to ignore this one. From Bloomberg: Home Sales Fall, Record Drop in Prices Home resales in the U.S. dropped in October and prices fell...

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On The Fence

From NorthJersey.Com. Hat tip to New Jersey Real Estate Report House-hunters Play Waiting Game David DeFabiis of Hackensack has been house-hunting for more than a year. He’s got a good job, a great credit score, a sizable...

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