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Open House Sunday – 202 Livingston Ave

Gary was stuck working on Sunday, so I took the baby out to enjoy the nice weather. Along the way we stopped to see this open house which I had had my eye on for the past couple weeks. 202 Livingston Ave MLS# 2218564 – Zillow Page Ask $439,000 3 bedrooms – 2 baths – Colonial Taxes: $7,797 – Village Taxes: $534.00 My overall impression of this house is that I really liked it, although it’s a bit small. It would really be a fabulous house if it had a family room and bigger bedrooms. It has a nice living room, a nice fireplace, a nice enough dining room and kitchen, although they’re all are kinda small. If you had a real dining table and chairs set up in the dining room you’d have a hard time walking through it. The kitchen is a galley style, cabinets on both sides, nice tall ones to the ceiling, and lots of them. The kitchen is pretty new, updated in the last five years at least if not sooner. The appliances are very new and modern. The countertops are the Wilsonart solid surface stuff. It’s not granite or quartz, but it’s attractive, and the sink is seamlessly composed of it although it’s white. There’s a little area to the back with more cabinets. The bedrooms are pleasant enough but small, with OK...

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House Report – 2 Edward Ave

2 Edward Ave MLS# 2185361 – Zillow Page Ask $419,000 Previous Sales: 02/25/2003 – $280,000 3 bedrooms – 2 bath Taxes: $7,431 – Village Taxes: $761.62 I was really excited about this house, first posted on MLS last week, as it’s in our price range and the photos on MLS looked good. I didn’t want to wait for an open house because I was afraid it might sell quickly, so I arranged to view the house last weekend. And in the end, I liked the house a lot, but the bedrooms were just too small for us. The house listing read to me as a three bedroom two bath, with office. Which sounded perfect to me, other than I’d like a family room or den as well, but in our price range that’s becoming a bit of a pipe dream. However, the third bedroom IS the office. It’s a typical cape floor plan, but people expand houses all the time, so I was hoping there really was a third bedroom plus separate office. In reality, the third bedroom is downstairs, across from the living room, and it’s perfect as an office, as there’s room for two desks and shelving, or one desk and some bookcases. I guess you could wedge a twin-size bed in there but not much else. Certainly not a bed and a desk. The bedrooms upstairs...

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A Visit To 39 Totten Place

39 Totten Pl MLS# 2104849 – Zillow Page Ask $429,900 3 bedrooms – 1.5 bath $7,069 – Village Taxes: $474.60 This is my very first post on the blog and possibly my last for a while, I’m due to have our little girl any day now. Anyway, this is my report on 39 Totten Place. We both liked the house very much, but walked out saying to each other, “Now we know why that one hasn’t sold.” Although it’s listed as a three-bedroom house, it really only has two. There’s no access to one of the bedrooms except through the smallest “bedroom,” which is essentially an extra-wide space in the upper hall with a closet and a window. In the photographs, it’s the one with green curtains and rug but no bed. It’s a useful space and would work well as an office or sewing room, or even a place for video games, although maybe not the latter as it’s right outside the master bedroom. It could be a guest room in a pinch, or maybe a nursery, but you’d have to worry about the occupant of the second bedroom waking the baby on his or her way into the other bedroom. This is a house for a couple with one child, or two children who don’t mind sharing a room, as the second bedroom is certainly large enough...

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