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MLS Report – July 24th 2007

Ten days since the last MLS report. Funny, I thought I’d be doing these every day or every other day, but the MLS has been pretty stagnant. Not all that much to write about. No new homes I’m interested in. although at least one that I was looking at seems to be gone now. Homes in Babylon Total: 112 Babylon School District: 63 BSD and Under 600K: 40...

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Range Pricing

Pricing By Range Newsday – July 20th, 2007 I’ve seen this range pricing on several homes that have popped up on MLS and I was wondering what the hell was going on. Now I see, it’s some new thing.  Rather than listing the home at a fixed price of $329,000, what if Katen listed her home in a price range, from $299,000 to $329,000? That way, Katen wouldn’t miss out on buyers searching for properties under $300,000, but who might be willing to creep up a little bit if they fell in love with the right house. “It got the house a lot more exposure,” Buckridge says. But, what’s the point really? Are you trying to get into people’s searches by putting the low part of the spread into their max price? What is that going to do for anyone? I don’t know what other people do, but ,when I search, my max price is still way more than I want to pay. As you can see from my MLS reports, I search with a max of $600K. My actual max is really around $400K. There’s no way I can swing a $600K, but setting my max there opens up the search a bit. I can see houses that may be way overpriced and I can watch them if they come back to earth. Plus it gives me a...

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Slump will continue

From the Long Island Business News Pearl Kamer of the LIA said Long Island’s housing fortunes would continue to sag into 2009, as part of a drawn-out market correction. “We still have to liquidate a excess inventory of homes,” Kamer said. “And as of Sept. 1, lending practices will tighten, so fewer buyers will qualify for mortgages.” Through May, there were 18,749 homes for sale in Suffolk, up 26 percent from a year ago. In Nassau, 12,711 homes were up for sale, a 21-percent increase from the same period in 2006....

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