At the July 12th Trustees meeting , the trustees unanimously voted to a whole raft of Babylon Village fees covering planning and zoning as well raising the on street parking meter charge and instituting fees for transcripts from any and all departments in the Village of Babylon. This is also being reported in Newsday.

Babylon Village Planning Board Fee Increases

The following Planning Board fees effective September 1, 2022:

Filing Fees:

  • Special Permission (Decks, Fences, Driveway Alterations) – $100
  • Site Plan Review – $300
  • Commercial – $600
  • Site Plan Change – $150
  • Subdivision of a parcel which is part of a field map and requires no roads – $500
  • Subdivision of property which includes Town Houses – $400 per unit

Babylon Village Zoning Board of Appeals Fees

These fees are effective September 1, 2022:

  • Residential and Residential O Zone – $250
  • Marine Commercial Zone – $500
  • Retail Commercial & Industrial Zone – $500
  • Multi Family District Zone – $500

Other Babylon Village Fee Increases

The sign permit application fee is going up to $200 from $100. The Building Occupancy Load inspection fee goes to $150 from $100.

And you’ll need two quarters to park for two hours on the streets of Babylon Village, instead of just one.

Lastly any individual requesting transcripts from any and all departments in the Village of Babylon shall incur all fees related to these items. As per New York State’s FOIL law, the fee for reproducing records in response to FOIL requests is $.25 per page, for pages that do not exceed 9 inches by 14 inches. Other requests, especially court transcripts. will incur greater fees.