Tuesday, September 14 at 7pm, The Village Board will meet at Village Hall/Municipal Building, 153 West Main Street, Babylon, NY, to discuss proposed regulation of fishing in Babylon Village.

Local Law 11 2021 – Fishing Regulations

The first version of the law limited fishing to fly fishing. The latest version states:

Bait fishing must be alone with conventional fishing equipment limited to one
medium to lightweight rod no more than eight (8’) feet in length and any reel with monofilament line no more than ten-pound (10 lb.) test with barbless circle hook. Anglers may use molded facsimiles or replicas of insects, earthworms, fish eggs, fish or any invertebrate or vertebrate either singly or in combination with other materials as well as lures commonly described as spinners, spoons, or plugs made of metal, plastic, wood, rubber, or like substances or combination thereof.

Fly fishing must be alone with conventional fly fishing equipment limited to flies, one fly rod and fly line with unweighted leader material attached. Artificial flies and streamers are defined as being constructed of natural or synthetic materials, so long as all flies are constructed in normal fashion on a single barbless hook with components wound on or about the hook.

Additionally, the board will consider proposed local laws 9 and 10. Local Law 10 amends Chapter 256-3A of the Village code to explicitly prohibit any landscape or building contractor from performing work on Sunday. Local law 9 prohibits parking on parts of Fire Island Ave and all of Merman Place from Noon to 6am without a special permit.