On Tuesday, September 14th, 2021, The Village of Babylon Board of Trustees will consider the adoption of Local Law #11 in regards to fishing regulations throughout in freshwater lakes, ponds and streams located in the Village. Mayor Adams notes that tackle, lines and hooks have been carelessly discarded in fishing areas around Babylon Village, causing harm to wildlife and representing potential harm to children.

There have been several reports on the Babylon Village Community Discussion Group on Facebook of waterfowl becoming entangled in fishing tackle and wildlife rescuers being called to intervene.

The current text of the proposed law is available here:

Village Of Babylon – Local Law 11 – 2021 – Fishing Regulations

As it stands, the proposed law bans all types of fishing except for fly fishing. Some complaints have been made about this and Mayor Adams has reportedly said that this section will be amended to allow other fishing. The law covers Argyle Lake, Southards Pond and Hawley’s Lake.