As noted yesterday, the Vote For Babylon party’s ballot petitions were thrown out by the Suffolk County Board of Elections because they used the wrong form to collect signatures.

In a letter published yesterday and disseminated on social media, the party vows to fight on and asks voters in Babylon Village to write their names on the ballot on election day.

February 22, 2021

To all Babylon Village residents,

As you may know, a Village resident filed a formal Challenge with the Village Clerk and Suffolk County Board Elections (SCBOE) against the signature petitions we collected. Unfortunately, it was found that we used an incorrect nominating petition document (a party form instead of individual form.) We were hopeful that the BOE would overlook this minor error and would respect the intent of the 250+ residents that signed our petitions and wanted to see our four names on the 2021 ballot.

We were informed Saturday afternoon of the BOE’s decision to uphold the challenge and deem our Nominating Petition invalid. Sadly, our names, as your candidates, will not appear on the official ballot and we will not be permitted to have poll watchers on site the day of the election to witness the counting of your votes. Despite following up regularly on this pending decision, our candidates were the last to be notified about this. The local newspapers, Village, Town, and County elected officials and even our election attorney had the information before we did. This points to the fact that political connections WIN and average citizens who want to step up, do the right thing, and lead their communities are left behind.

This was a shock to us as it is widely known that elected officials have mutually agreed to NOT challenge election petitions this year given the challenge inherent with collecting in-person signatures during a global pandemic. It seems that this common courtesy was overlooked in our case.

We are certain our neighbor who filed this challenge did not act alone. The documents filed included information and detail above the experience level of the average layperson. We urge you to ask yourself: Who stands to gain from this filing and decision, and who loses with this decision? It is clear that the Vote for Babylon party was deemed to be a threat and someone has gone to great lengths and expense to keep us off the ballot. This should be extremely disturbing to every citizen to this village. When will they try to silence you?

We want you to know – they were NOT successful, this is NOT OVER and we are not done yet! If anything, we are even more determined and motivated to take back our Village and give a CHOICE and a VOICE to the residents of Babylon. Our campaign is moving ahead and we intend to win this election via a write-in option. Residents can simply write the names of our candidates on the ballot – whether in-person or mail-in absentee ballot. Bring this list with you when you go to vote!

Kathy Hoffman for Mayor
TJ Golub for Trustee
Aidan Lyons for Trustee
Kelly Peckholdt for Trustee

Now, more than ever, we need your support! If you haven’t had a chance to know our slate yet, please read our biographies our priorities and decide whether we are the kind of neighbors you want to represent you. If we have already won your favor, please consider making a donation or volunteering to help our campaign. You can reach us at [email protected]

We thank you in advance as we work together to persevere and overcome those who have attempted to take away your choice and your voice.

Sincerely, The Vote for Babylon Campaign Team