I’ve been wanting to get a Home In Babylon shirt for a while now. I had the idea a few months ago to make one up and wear it out on my strolls around The Village, but nothing I came up with looked halfway decent.

Last night I got some inspiration. After some suggestions from my wife and a little work with Photoshop, I had a design that I didn’t was half bad. Then I thought to myself that maybe some of my regular readers would like one as well. So I created a Teespring account, made them for sale and posted them on my social media.

As of this writing, I’ve sold ten items, plus one I bought for myself. If you bought one, please take a picture of it, preferably with you wearing it, and send it to me via Facebook or e-mail at [email protected].

Right now I have A mens/unisex shirt, a women’s shirt, a pullover and a mug. If you want the hoodie/pullover, click on the shirt and then select the pullover when you get to the site.

I may add more stuff in the coming days. If you want something, please let me know in the comments here or on Facebook.

Visit the Home In Babylon Merch Store