The notorious intersection of Park and Livingston in Babylon Village, which seems to have accidents on a weekly basis, has received and all way stop as the first step in remediation recommended by a comprehensive traffic study.

The intersection has been a sore spot for years. The is a Facebook group devoted solely to documenting the accidents and resident Michael Williams even created a petition, imploring State, County and Village officials to fix the issue.

In his statement on the Babylon Village Facebook page, Mayor Scordino thanked Suffolk County Legislator Kevin McCaffrey, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and the Suffolk County Department of Public Works for their efforts.

Some Villagers expressed doubts that the installation of the all-way stop will make much of a difference. Time will tell.

Here is the Mayor’s statement.

Good morning, Babylon Village residents: I would like to take this opportunity to thank Suffolk County Legislator Kevin McCaffrey, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone and the Suffolk County Department of Public Works for all their hard work, efforts and assistance in the completion of the traffic study on County Road #50, known as Park Avenue. A traffic study was requested in January 9th, 2019 by Legislator McCaffrey and begun in early Spring, 2019. I share with you the recommendations of the study:

1. Due to the excessive number of right angle accidents, install on Livingston Avenue two (2) oversized 36″ Stop Signs (on each Livingston avenue approach). Adding reflective red pole inserts on every stop sign will help differentiate this intersection from others in the Village.

2. Due to the number of right angle accidents (although not as frequent on as Livingston Ave) and the possibility of cut through traffic to Sunrise Highway, install similar signage and auxiliary panels stating “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” at both Litchfield and Cadman Avenues.

3. Consider the possibility of the installation of Stop Ahead signs in advance of the stop signs in both directions on Livingston, Cadman and Litchfield Avenues and oversized 25 mph speed limit signs (30×36) on Livingston, Frederick Cadman and Litchfield Avenues as an additional emphasis to motorists of the new lower speed limit.

4. Forward written request to the Village of Babylon regarding corner sight distance remediation through hedge compliance to the Village of Babylon ordinances Section 1543-=1 A (3) & 153-1 C. Hedges within 20 feet of the southeast corner of CR 50 and Livingston Avenues must be no higher than 3 feet. Additionally, arrange for trimming for the westbound Village speed limit signs between Cadman and Litchfield Avenues.

5. Immediately install an all-way stop at Livingston Avenue. The immediate installation of an all-way stop will attain comparable traffic, safety benefits as the installation of a three color traffic signal and quickly mitigate the right angle accidents occurring at the intersection. However, over time, the installation of an all-way stop may create unintended consequences such as exhaust emissions, needless fuel use, lower compliance and unnecessary queuing and therefore the situation at the intersection will continue to be monitored.

6. Apply to the Waze Connected program and work with Waze to reclassify Livingston Avenue from a “primary” street to a “local” street.

I can assure all our Babylon Village residents and guests that working together with Suffolk County Department of the Public Works, we will move forward with the recommendation as stated in the traffic study.

On Monday, August 19th (yesterday), 4 large stop signs were already being installed by the County on Livingston and Park Avenue.

Thank you again to Suffolk County Legislator Kevin McCaffrey who initiated the traffic study request, kept my office informed on follow up status and updates. Working together with the Village of Babylon, he saw the need and necessity to move forward on this important safety issue and concern.

The Village of Babylon and County will continue to monitor the situation closely and the recommendations above are the most impactable recommendations at this time. Be safe and enjoy your Tuesday, Babylon Village!