Some more reporting this week on the Babylon Courtyard/Babylon Hotel in The Babylon Beacon.

As we reported earlier, there was a work session last month where developers presented plans for the hotel project to the Babylon Village Board. This was the first time the full board had been given a chance to look over the project plans.

Attending the meeting were developers George Tsunis and Ross Cassata as well as their attorney Joseph Buzzell of Buzzel Blanda & Visconti LLP in Melville.

Last week, George Tsunis applied to join Home In Babylon’s Facebook group, Babylon Village Community Discussion, but withdrew his application before it could be approved. I encourage him, or anyone else involved or interested in this project to join the group. All points of view are welcome and we are dedicated to civil and open discussion.

“The most important thing I want to impress upon the public is that this plan, if it moves forward, will be vetted by all of the Village’s boards and that everyone in the Village will have an opportunity to ask questions, provide input and have their say,” said Mayor Ralph Scordino. “This is far from a ‘done deal’.”

There are no hotels currently in Babylon Village and no specific zoning regulations or parking codes for one. The current parking requirement for apartments is 2.25 parking spots per unit, although the Mayor speculated that parking requirements for a hotel would be less than those for apartments.

If the plan moves forward and the developers apply for a zoning change Scordino said it is likely that the Village would look to hold the hearing at a location that would accommodate a large crowd “so everyone can come down and ask questions; we are not going to jump into this.”