Well, election season is upon us again. Not THAT election season, thank God, I’ve had about all I can take of that for a while.

Babylon Village will hold elections for local offices on Tuesday, March 19th. The Mayor himself will be standing for re-election along with two Village Trustees, Tony Davida and Robyn Silvestri. Robyn was appointed to replace Trustee Debbie Basile, who resigned in June. The office holders all belong to the Better Babylon Party.

Unlike in previous years, each incumbent will be facing a challenger for their seat.

Running against Mayor Scordino is Kathy Hoffman, a 29 year Village resident. Kathy touts her administrative experience working in St. Joseph’s Parish and youth sports as her qualification for the top job in Babylon Village.

Putting her name in the hat for one of the Trustee slots is Hoffman’s running mate, Debbie Kolovich. Kolovich is a CPA with over thirty years of experience in corporate finance.

Hoffman and Kolovich have a Facebook page, Vote For Babylon.

The other Trustee spot is being challenged by Michael Tenety, a fourteen year veteran of the SCPD.

Tenety’s page is Babylon Strong.

So, my fellow Babylonians, it looks like we got ourselves a horse race.

Now is the time for Babylon residents to think about what questions they’d like to ask the candidates. We’ve discussed a lot of issues here on this site and on our Facebook page: issues at the train station, the hotel proposal, the restaurant ban, parking and parking enforcement.

Which issues are important to you?