Inspector Mathew Lewis, Commanding Officer of SCPD First Precinct issued this statement with respect to the bicycle “ride outs” that have been occurring in Babylon Village and surrounding areas

Attached is the letter I wrote last year regarding dangerous activity taking place in our county. The activity centers around bike “ride-outs” in which groups of bicyclists take over public roadways and/or public places. The spirit of that letter is still valid, however the activity continues and has been taken to a more dangerous level. On Saturday, April 21st, a large group of bicyclists created an extremely hazardous condition in Babylon Village. The activity went beyond a youthful prank into the realm of criminal conduct by some of those involved. I can assure you that this conduct will not be tolerated and there will be a zero tolerance policy with regard to this activity. Some examples of the conduct of the individuals on Saturday:

  • Blocking public roadways
  • Riding at moving vehicles
  • Causing vehicles to stop, encircling some vehicles, and approaching the driver in a menacing fashion
  • In one instance a masked individual leaned into a stopped vehicle, got in the face of a young child and uttered a vulgar phrase to the child
  • Physically damaging at least one vehicle

The activities of Saturday are being investigated and arrests will be made where probable cause is developed. I have additionally instructed my officers to arrest any individual who commits a violation of the law while engaged in a “ride-out”. It is my hope that this activity will cease and arrests will not be necessary.

The previous letter is available here. Bicycle-Letter-2017-09-25-SCPD(PDF)

Town Of Babylon Supervisor Richard Schaffer posted this on his Facebook account yesterday.

A team of officers has been assigned to identify the individuals who have been participating in the crowds of bicycle riders, mini-bike riders, ATV riders, motorized scooter riders and any one else who has been disrupting the flow of traffic, harassing people who are trying to enjoy our town, causing damage to vehicles and property and any other act associated with this behavior. Individuals will be dealt with by the police on a case by case basis. Police have already identified several individuals from the videos and screen shots that have been posted. Our PCT officers will be very strict and vigilant in putting an end to this dangerous activity.