Day: April 3, 2018

Mayor Scordino Responds To Resident Concerns About Historic Buildings

The Mayor responded to today’s concerns about the planned demolition of the historic buildings at 73 W. Main Street on the Babylon Village Facebook page. I reproduce his letter in it’s entirety here for easier reading and to make it available to people who don’t use Facebook. I feel the need to clarify my position and dealings with the property and structures at 73 W. Main Street in Babylon Village. I have been quiet about the situation there since I had been doing my best to save the buildings and was hopeful that it would work. There are currently...

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More Historic Babylon Village Buildings To Come Down

According to a post published in the “Save Historic Babylon Village” Facebook group, a demolition permit to tear down the historic South Side Signal Building, erected in 1869, and the home in front known as “Aunt Julia’s House” (Brosnahan Law Office), which was built in 1826 by Selah Smith Carll. A petition to save the two buildings has garnered over 2000 signatures, but to no avail as the building are reportedly to be demolished on Wednesday, April...

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