A local resident reported drug paraphernalia, empty alcohol bottles and other disturbing items in the enclosure behind Babylon Village’s Little League ball fields.

He notes that he informed the Mayor’s office. They said the Suffolk Police are aware of the situation, but they can’t secure the area 24 hours a day.

Another resident advised that if you see people in this area using, call the SCPD hotline at 631-852-NARC. The police will step up patrols when they get complaints.


In a reply on Facebook, Terence McSweeney, special Assistant to Babylon Town Supervisor Rich Schaffer said that he’s spoken with Inspector Lewis of the First Precinct and an officer will be sent to investigate. Lewis will make it a regular check for the sector cars operations.

“This is the first they are hearing about it and he thanks everyone in the community for bringing it to their attention.”, wrote Sweeney.