Babylon Village Zoning Board Of Appeals – July 19th, 2017

Application of Kenneth Rogers, 25 Caledonia Avenue, Babylon, NY, for permission to construct an addition to the building on the premises located at 73 West Main Street, Babylon, NY requiring variances to reduce the rear yard setback from 15 ft. required to 14.7 ft. proposed; to increase the height limits from 30 ft. permitted to 34 ft. proposed; to obtain special use permit required for dwelling units above retail; acre residential density would allow two dwellings units – four dwelling units are proposed; and the sum of front yard and rear yard requires 40.31 ft. – 29.6 ft. is proposed. Property located in Retail Business District. Suffolk County Real Property Tax Map District 0102, Section 10, Block 3, Lot 39. Application made in accordance with Sections 365-20, 365-18, and 365-35.

This e-mail from Jerry Miskovsky was forwarded to me today.

I’ve just returned from the Village Clerks Office after reviewing the folder for the Roger’s submission. The good news is it does not impact Aunt Julia’s House (former Brosnahan Law Office). Instead it addresses the renovation of the South Side Signal Building.

The January 2, 2017 letter from ZBA to Rogers states “At the regular meeting of December 15, 2016, the Planning Board reviewed your site plan application for the renovation of an existing building, the former Red Lion Bar. The front building, the former Law Office of Patrick Kevin Brosnahan, will be strictly Retail Business.”

Tonights ZBA hearing appears to be focused on the renovation of the South Side Signal Building. It seeks to build a third floor, to construct four apartments (two on the 2nd floor and two on the 3rd floor). The first floor will be divided in half with the south half being Retail and the north half being the entrance to the apartment stairs, laundry and tenant storage. The submitted drawings refer to the renovated building as the “Red Lion Apartments”.

There are about 4-6 items that require a variance. After questioning ZBA there may be more. I’ll be their by 7:00PM to provide additional information and show you a copy of the ZBA letter and the site plan.