Month: April 2016

Builder Plans To File For Demolition Permit For Historic Home This Week

As reported in the The Beacon(subscription required) yesterday, Darrell Conway who represents the owners, Steve and Chase Ognibene, insisted that his clients are not in violation of any Village codes and that they plan to file for a building permit this week to demolish 527 Deer Park Ave and construct two new homes on the site. “Part of the problem is that this project has been delayed precisely because my client did take the time to consider what he could do to save the house,” said Conway. “He assumes part of the blame for the delay because he should...

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Village Board Meeting Report – 527 Deer Park

So I went to the Village Board Meeting on Tuesday night to talk about 527 Deer Park Ave. This was a first for me and I was interested to see what would happen. I didn’t take any notes, so I’m not going to go into any specifics of what was said, but rather give my general impression of the events and the resolution. I’m not that familiar with the various events in this situation or the various people involved, so please forgive me if I misstate or gloss over something. There were about a dozen or so residents there...

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The Fate Of 527 Deer Park Ave – – 1790 David Smith House

From the Babylon Village Heritage Conservancy Facebook Group We are reaching out in the hope that you will attend the Village Board Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday April 26 at 8:00pm at the Village Hall. The Conservancy just learned that the lawyer for the owners of 527 Deer Park Ave-1790 David Smith House.-will apply for a demolition permit. Please let the Board of Trustees know how you feel. If you can’t attend the meeting, call the Mayor’s office-669-1212..or attend AND call! Jerry Mitkovsky, who has made tremendous effort to preserve the house and ensure that the property owners are adhering to...

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