Month: March 2016

August Belmont’s Mansion

This is a photo of August Belmont’s mansion on the west side of the lake. Another gem from Chuck Akalskiā€Ž posted on the Babylon Village Facebook Group. He notes that This photo was probably taken a few years before his 500 acre estate was sold for development in the mid-1920s. At its height, Belmont’s farm had over 200 acres growing wheat, rye and corn as well as grass for hay for his world class race horses. The farm had chicken coops, hog pens, a cow shed and pasture for 45 Jersey milk cattle, a green house with palm trees,...

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Draining Belmont Lake

Chuck Akalski on the Babylon Village Facebook group posted these pictures and notes: Belmont Lake being drained and cleaned sometime in the 1930s or possibly the 1940s. Much of Belmont’s huge estate was sold for development in the 1920s, while the remaining portion became Belmont Lake State Park. In the upper [main] photo the LISPC headquarters building is visible. It was built just to the north of Belmont’s estate house which was razed. Many people mistakenly believe the parks commission building was Belmont’s home. The only remnants of his estate home are the two cannons that he once had...

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March 2016
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