Is Snooki, star of MTV’s “Jersey Shore”, moving to Babylon, perhaps purchasing a home on Lucinda Drive. There was some chatter about this very thing as last week’s Babylon Rotary meeting and this blog has been getting a good number of hits from people searching for this vital information.

Sadly, this seems to be not the case. According to Newsday, a representative for the daringly coiffed Ms. Polizzi denied the rumor.

Realtor Mary Adams says she believes that high school students circulated the story about the hard-partying reality TV star, whose signature hair style is “The Poof.” “Everybody’s kind of upset about the whole thing,” says Adams of Century 21 American Homes. “Not that you’d want to say you cannot live here, but come on.”

So there you have it, fellow Babylonians and avid Googlers, Jersey Shore is not coming to the South Shore. Now we must all go on with our humdrum lives.

On the other hand, if you’re suffering from a celebrity jones, you may still be able to catch Gordan Ramsey filming at The Classic American restaurant in West Babylon.