Commenter MetroProletarian points us toward Suffolk Historic Newspapers where we can read back issues of the South Side Signal, the local Babylon paper, from 1869 through 1879. The interface is kind of clunky and you might go blind trying to read the scans, but it’s very cool nonetheless.

If you’re interested in this sort of thing, this article in the Beacon points out a bigger project.

The Babylon Public Library Board of Trustees thanks resident and local author, Theresa Santmann, for her generous donation of eight thousand dollars. Ms. Santmann has directed these funds be used for the Library’s Historic Newspaper Project.

The newspapers are slated to be available online for patrons and researchers to view on library or home computers. When the project is complete, the Library expects to have converted the South Side Signal, Babylon Leader, Babylon Town Leader and the Babylon Beacon, from 1869 to the present. T

I spoke with Aaron Stein some time ago about a project like this and it’s great that someone else had the same idea and is making it happen.