Free firewood! Come with your chainsaw and take as much as you like!

Saturday night, three of the four big trees on the back, left corner of my property blew down in the hellacious Nor’easter.

We didn’t notice it until the morning. In fact, I had to work on Sunday and I didn’t learn about it until Debra called me. She woke up that morning, looked out the window and had a bit of a freakout seeing giant trees lying across our backyard.

I can’t complain too much. The trees fell almost straight across the fence line and didn’t land on anything important. I know that some fellow Babylonians had trees fall on or into their house. The only real damage from this little incident was to my back neighbor’s fence, which got bent up from the tree roots.

I’m not quite sure what to do at this point. As you might expect, local tree guys are going to be pretty busy for the next few weeks and I’m not real confident in my ability to handle a chainsaw sell enough to slice up a three 75 foot trees. Plus the one remaining tree needs to come down as well.