Like I said in the last post, I’m chopping September’s sold home into three posts. For those of you who are interested, here’s part 1

This middle section of three homes doesn’t interest me much, so my commentary will be brief to nonexistent. As always, feel free to leave your impressions in the comment section.

15 Salt Meadow Rd

  • MLS# 2180392Zillow Page
  • Sold: $985,000 – 9/10/2009
  • Prior Sales: none
  • 3 bedrooms – 3.5 bath – Condo
  • Taxes: $15,906 – Village Taxes: $1,732

Another one of these Salt Meadow condos. This one goes for just under a million dollars. I could think of a lot of homes in Babylon Village that I’d rather have for that money, but that is one awesome view to be sure.

109 Lighthouse Rd

  • MLS# 2192495Zillow Page
  • Sold: $517,000 – Sold Date: 9/11/2009
  • Prior Sales: none
  • 4 bedrooms – 2 bath – Farm Ranch
  • Taxes: $12,461 – Village Taxes: $1,242

This one looks like a suspiciously good deal. It’s a big farm ranch on a big piece of property right on the canal. No pictures of the inside, so maybe that’s a clue.

40 George St

  • MLS# 2157315Zillow Page
  • Sold: $440,000 – Sold Date: 9/18/2009
  • Prior Sales:
       11/12/2004 – $510,000
  • 4 bedrooms – 3 bath – Colonial
  • Taxes: $8,687 – Village Taxes: $801

This one is right next my former dream home at 44 George. It was on an off the market for years and I was wondering if it might fall into my price range.

In the end, no it didn’t. But $440K is still a pretty big haircut from its 2004 price of $510K