As Metroproletarian mentioned in the comments yesterday, The New York Times trekked out to our little village to review Barrique, the new restaurant/wine bar on Deer Park Ave.

Full Bottles to Light Pours: A Spot for Wine Lovers

Barrique takes its name from a type of barrel used in winemaking; bottles, barrels and wooden wine crates make up much of the décor. A beamed ceiling and lots of brick give the place a cozy, rustic ambiance. Tables are bare wood; napkins look like French dish towels.

Barrique is owned by the Babylon Restaurant Group, which also runs the Argyle Grill and Tavern, a lively 10-year-old spot across the street. Barrique is just as lively and noisy, but it has something its older sibling lacks: the cooking of Pierre Rougey.

Mr. Rougey, the executive chef, had been the chef and co-owner of Emerson’s, the cafe that occupied these premises before Barrique. His menu is designed for sampling; every table is set with stacks of plates for sharing.

It’s a pretty positive review, although with more typos than you’d expect in the paper of record. I’ve heard good things about the place, but I’m not much of a wine lover and Debra doesn’t drink at all, so one of the main appeals is pretty much lost on us. We actually haven’t been out to dinner since Aurora was born, so there’s not much chance of us showing up there anyway.

By way, I noticed on their web page that Barrique also has a blog. I’m always interested in Babylon Village blogging, so I clicked right over. Sadly, all they seem to have there are reviews of the restaurant.