Hey there HIB readers. I took a few days off from posting to try and recover from that devastating Giants loss. So here I am back in the saddle.

I’ve got a few posts ready to go including the huge listing of Sold Homes in August. There are thirteen homes that were sold in August so I’m going to break up the post into three parts again. The first one should go up tomorrow.

I’ve got some other random things in the hopper. I hope you enjoy them.

We’ve got some bad weather on tap for this weekend, but we’re still going to go out and see some houses. I’ll let you know how it goes.

The comment section for this post is an open discussion, so I invite any and all readers to pipe up and say something. Feel free to leave a comment and ask a question, make an observation, tell us what you’re up to or just introduce yourself and say hi.

I’m very interested in hearing fellow home shoppers, especially their impressions of any open houses that they’ve seen, but I’d also like to hear from any sellers and their experiences and observations.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Happy hunting.