We saw this one just as it hit the market about a month ago. At that point the list was $389K. We were out with our Realtor Tom and that Saturday there was a lineup of people and their Realtors taking turns tromping through the house. There was a lot of buzz around this house and Tom speculated that the place would quickly and for near asking price. Here it is a month later and the asking price is down $20K.

I held this one back a bit because I thought it might be a possibility for us, but in the end it’s really just too small to be practical for our family.

48 Litchfield Ave

  • MLS# 2230603Zillow Page
  • Ask $369,000
  • 3 bedrooms – 1.5 bath
  • Previous Sales: 04/13/2005 – $377,000
  • Taxes: $6,335 – Village Taxes: $600.24

This is a charming little colonial, with a big emphasis on little. The owner was there and gave us the nickel tour, pointing out the work he’d done to the place over the last four years. He’s an electrician and when he mentioned that he had wired the entire place with CAT6 network cable, the computer geek in me was ready to buy the place on the spot.

Upstairs are three pretty small bedrooms and the the recently updated full bath. Downstairs is a small living room, a modest dining room and kitchen as well as the half bath. The kitchen has not been updated and while it’s not ancient, it certainly wants an upgrade.

The house sits on a somewhat busy corner. Like most corner lots, you lose a measure of useful yard, although the enire property is fenced in, which helps mitigate that some. The detached garage and driveway are actually located at the back of the yard and turned 90 degrees to face Cameron Ave. This setup allows a good deal more usable yard, but could be problematic for lugging groceries and such to and from the house.

The basement is small and cramped. Usable really only for the laundry area and storage.