Babylon Village Fountain

From the Babylon Beacon:

The replica of the Fountain, originally located at the corner of Main Street and Deer Park Avenue in Babylon Village some 100 years ago, will be replaced thanks to the very hard work of committee chairman Dr. Chris Proto, committee co-chairman Judy Skillen and Leg. Wayne Horsley and other committee members. After much work and discussion one of the places under consideration for the new fountain is on the east side of the Babylon Village Historical Society Museum. It will be 10 feet high, and will incorporate the features of its predecessor which was destroyed in an accident when the Village trolley, on its way to the dock from the railroad station, was in an accident with the fountain, completely destroying it.

This popped up on my “Babylon Village” Google Alert. The main website for this project is here. Their pretty empty blog is here. Looks like Aaron Stein is handling the webmaster duties.

I really hope this turns out to me something. It’s nice to see the Village trying to recapture some of its lost history.