Well, obviously I suck.

I know I promised a post a day and I fell pretty short of that goal. Frankly, it was pretty unrealistic of me to shoot for that and then a few things came up this month that really sunk it.

A bunch of freelance work came my way that I had to deal with. My big client, lastminutedeals.com needed some work done ASAP, including some work on their main page which is scheduled to go live on 9/1.

In addition, I have a lot of work to finish up on Big Blue Interactive before the season starts. I’m redoing the entire back-end administration system and that has to be ready for the kickoff against the Redskins on 9/13.

I also got a call a couple weeks back from an old old client, top LI Advertising Agency Austin & Williams. Some Perl scripts I did for them for one of their bank clients back sometime in the last millennium are still in use and the bank wants them changed/upgraded/futzed with.

Not mention that I have a big project in the works for my day job at Brookhaven Laboratory and that needs to be delivered on 9/1 as well.

But don’t worry, HIB fans. I’ve got some posts in the pipeline and I should have a little time to actually post them in September. I saw three open houses today, so there’s content on the way.