I saw this house last week on Thursday during the “agent open house”. I asked specifically about the school district and the agent assured me that the south side of Village Line Road, where this house sits, marks the northern border of the Babylon Village school district.

84 Village Line Rd

  • MLS# 2209043Zillow Page
  • Ask $459,000
  • 3(2) bedrooms – 1.5 baths – Cape
  • Taxes: $8,770 – Village Taxes: $682.67

This is a neat, old 20’s house with some interesting quirks, if your into that sort of thing. As you walk into the place, the stairs are right in front of you with the living room to the left and the dining room to the right. Both of these room are of decent size. The living room is an especially nice space, or it would be once the tchotchkes and pictures were cleared out. The hardwood floors have potential, but they’re all beat up and need to be refinished. In the back of the house is a den which looks like it’s a converted sun room. It’s all done in dark paneling, but freshened up it could be a very pleasant place to spend some time.

The kitchen is very tiny, pretty much a galley kitchen. It’s not old old, but it probably wants a redo sometime soon. Off to the side of the kitchen is the laundry area. Space has been made for an office and it’s nice but I think you might blow out the wall there and make the kitchen bigger as that would probably be a better use of the space. There’s also a bonus room here, really 3/4 or so of a converted garage. I worry about these garage conversions. The village wants to ensure that you have a garage to park your car so I wonder if it’s on the CO or if it was done “on the sly”.

Upstairs are the bedrooms and they’re laid out in the typical cape style, one on either side of the stairs. The one on the left is of usable size and there are some interesting built-ins that take advantage of the various attic-like nooks and crannies. On the right are bedrooms two and three. In fact, you have to walk through bedroom two to get to bedroom three, making it of little utility unless you have kids who don’t mind sharing the space. Both rooms are fairly small, as you might imagine.

The Realtor suggested that the two bedroom side could be used as the master suite, with the extra room being used as a dressing room. It’s an interesting idea, but it makes the house a true two bedroom proposition, which isn’t really appealing to me.

In the middle of the upstairs is the full bath which sports what I’m pretty sure is the original tub from the when the house was built. The bathroom is old, but not really charming old. It’s just tired old and it needs some work.

The backyard is very nice and the basement is a bit musty but it has enough height for me to walk around comfortably and maybe even enough for a treadmill, an unusual thing for a house from this period. As mentioned previously, the garage has been mostly converted to a room, so there’s no space there for a car.

The house is certainly livable as is, but anyone spending money in this range is going to want a new kitchen and a new bathroom at minimum. Bottom line, this is a lot of money for a tiny house this far north in the Village, especially one that needs as much work as this one does.