Hello HIB readers and our new visitors from Newsday. Just a couple updates on the site.

Last night we upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, the software that runs this blog. I don’t expect any major issues, but if you notice anything wrong or odd about the site, leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail at info (at) homeinbabylon.com.

A word about user registration. I opened up registration a few weeks back. Registering on the site allows you to comment without having to type in your info all the time. It gives you sole access to your handle so that nobody can impersonate you. It allows you to change your avatar if you like and you get some access to the blog back end. If you comment here on a semi-regular basis, it’s worth considering.

I’ve gotten a lot of registrations lately and almost all of them seem to be spammers. If you register, you must post a comment on the blog so that I know you’re not a spammer or a bot. Just a quick hi and a sentence about yourself is fine. If you don’t do this, I’ll probably delete your account in a day or so.

Anyway, I should have some actual real estate stuff for you later in the day.