Here it is, the summer of blog. Sorry I missed day one. I just suck, is all.

You can see that we’ve really caught the real estate bug when were going to see houses way out of our price range.

142 Livingston Ave

  • MLS# 2205934Zillow Page
  • Ask $569,000
  • 3 bedrooms – 2 baths – Tudor
  • Taxes: $12,729 – Village Taxes: $1,159.00

It’s a nice house on a nice big lot. The house is actually quite a lot bigger than it looks from the front.

The place could use some freshening, there was some ugly wallpaper and some other things that needed updated.

The kitchen is nice. It has a rather unusual mosaic floor with a border that I liked, and marble countertops with a fancy edge. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of counter space/work space, but it’s a lovely bright kitchen with a lot of windows and room for a kitchen table.

The living room has nice hardwood floors, also with a border, and a fireplace, but with a replacement mantel. For some reason the dining room had ceramic tile floors–what a bad choice, and it undoubtedly ruined the original wood floors. There’s a nice den/family room as well, also with hardwood floors.

The bedrooms are of moderate size for a house in this price range. All three have sloped ceilings to some extent. The third bedroom is particularly small.

The downstairs bath was really great. It had a really long, really deep tub was set into a marble surround. There was an attractive tile mosaic right above.

A large chunk of the backyard is taken up by the pool area. The pool is nice and big, but it’s decked instead of surrouned by concrete and the decking is a bit of disrepair. The garage has been turned into a shed/poolhouse and there’s no way to get a car in there now.

We both like this house a lot, but it has a good number of knocks for a house in this price range. It only has three bedrooms and they’re not very big. It’s on a moderately busy road near an active corner. While the place isn’t falling apart, it does need a good amount of work. The taxes are pretty high and on top of that there’s no usable garage.

Still, it’s a beautiful house and I could easily see someone finding it and falling in love.