It’s been relatively quiet here on HIB. The wife and I are still looking but I’ve let my blogging slip a bit. I’m planning to change that come August. This August is going to be my summer of blog. What’s the deal? At least one blog post a day, every day, from August 1st to the 31st. That’s right, I’ll posting every day, just like a real blogger.

I’m going to try to lean on Debra a bit to do some posting, but the burden of keeping it going will be mine and mine alone. I’m not saying that every post will be a gem, but there will be something for you to read about and comment on.

I’ve got some interesting stuff planned for this week as well. I’ve got an open house report on 142 Livingston, the May sold houses in Babylon Village list and some ruminations on recent “good news” about housing sales. Plus, there’s a little surprise in the works for later on this week.

So, how is everyone out there doing? Are you still out there looking for a house? Did you buy something? Have you decided to take a break? Has your house sold?

Leave me a comment and let me know.