Here’s a golden oldie for those of you (like me) that like the 100+ year old houses. We saw this one last week with our Realtor, Tom McGiveron.

395 Park Ave

  • MLS# 2196769Zillow Page
  • Ask $370,000
  • 3 bedrooms – 1.5 baths – Colonial
  • Taxes: $5,982 – Village Taxes: $696.60

We got there a little early, so we did a quick tour aound the outside. This house needs work. The detached garage looks like it’s dangerously decrepit. There’s a big hole in the front and through it you can see a block of wood propping up the window. The yard is a good size, but it needs work and there’s not a lot of privacy. The house itself needs new siding, among other things.

Shortly after we arrived. Tom the Realtor showed up and ushered us inside. The inside of the house seemed smaller than I thought it would be. The living room and dining rooms were smallish, although the kitchen was of a decent size for the house.

The house is obviously an estate sale of some sort. There’s some small renovations and repairs that have been done. For example the nice, hardwood floors have been completely refinished and it really gives the house some pop. On the other hand, the old, wooden, kitchen cabinets have been painted, but that doesn’t really do much to disguise the fact that the kitchen is old, worn out and seriously needs updating.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms and the full bath. The master bedroom was small, but perhaps of acceptable size, depending on your requirements. The other two bedrooms were really cramped and probably wouldn’t work for us.

Probably the biggest negative on this house is the location, near the end of Park Ave. It’s a busy part of the street, not far from the light on Route 109, and pulling out into traffic was a little too exciting for me to contemplate doing it every morning.