Day: May 15, 2009

Thunderbird And Ford Show

The Long Island Thunderbirds Club is having their annual Thunderbird and Ford show, July 19th at Syosset Ford. All year Thunderbirds as well as all Ford products are welcome. Go on over to for more information. Yes, this is a little out of HIB’s core competency, but my Dad is the President of Long Island Thunderbirds Club. In fact, that’s his car over on the right, so there you have...

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Weekend Open Discussion and MLS Report

Some nicer May weather this weekend and 28 open houses on the list so far. It looks like a nice weekend for some open house visits, although I might just skip it and enjoy a nice spring day in Babylon Village. Homes in Babylon Total: 96 Babylon School District: 67 BSD and Under 600K: 36 Condos/Coops:17 Numbers haven’t changed all that much since I last did this in April. Some interesting new house to look at this week, including 2 Edward Ave, 19 Nehring Ave and 40 Bacon Lane. There’s also 78 Wampum, a house that should be priced in our range but isn’t. 109 Washington is gone. A commenter reported it as being in contract. As I said in the open house report, I felt it was overpriced but I could see someone really overpaying for it. We’ll have to see what the numbers are when and if it finally sells. 90 The Crescent has been reported as being in contract, but it’s still on the MLS last I checked. There are issues with that house being sold that I’ve agreed not to talk about here. We’ll discuss it more once the sale is final. This is an open discussion thread, so I invite any and all readers to pipe up and say something. Feel free to leave a comment and ask a question, make an observation, tell...

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