A quiet and rainy Sunday here in the Village. I have my son this weekend and we went out to see Wolverine yesterday. It wasn’t a terrible movie and it’s worth seeing if you’re a big fan of the genre, otherwise I’d advise waiting for the DVD.

Afterwards, we stopped by The Friendly Neighborhood Comic Book Store on Udall Rd in W. Islip for Free Comic Book Day. It was late, so most of the good freebies were gone, but we got a few second-tier ones and I bought my son a Batman graphic novel. We lingered a while to discuss the Wolverine movie with the proprietor and some of the clientele. All in all, a successful day.

Deb and I (and Aurora) did get out to see an open house today, 50 Cadman.  It’s a cute little house and we liked it some. A full open house report will be coming some time this week.

Traffic on HIB has been down a bit. Yesterday was the slowest day we’ve had in months. I know that my writing has been off a bit, but I also expect that the real estate fever has cooled off some.

And, of course, I just had to share this:

Snark Attack [NY Times]

AS unsold properties proliferate and encounters with the scalpel fail to move them, some Real Estate listings and community news for New York City sellers are being undermined by an often nameless enemy.

Even as they rearrange the furniture and pray for a sale, their apartments are being picked apart online by anonymous strangers.

Brutally frank discussions about specific listings can draw hundreds of comments on sites like StreetEasy, Curbed and Brownstoner, where traffic has increased as buyers and interested observers seek insight into the turbulent real estate market.

Commenters scour these Web sites, attend open houses or study brokers’ advertisements and then post their analyses.

I myself am guilty of snark from time to time, but I always try to be fair and honest when talking about a house. Even that can get some owners worried, as recent events show.