I had lunch with my friend and business associate Julian on Tuesday. It was my day home with the baby so we took her along with us  and ate in the Village at Horace and Sylvia’s. Julian couldn’t stop raving about how nice all the stores and restaurants along Deer Park Avenue were and what a great little place Babylon Village is. I really love it here, but it’s nice to get a little external validation.

By the way, I had the warm spinach salad with salmon, which was delicious. Julian had the baked clams and we split a slice of marvelous chocolate cake for dessert.

On the housing front, Debra and I saw two open houses this past weekend, 109 Washington and 46 Lee. The full report is in the works, but here are some quick thoughts. 109 Washington is a great house in need of some updating. 46 Lee is a real dump.

Also, Debra and I heard through the grapevine that the sellers of one house currently on the market were talking about “a blogger who is writing about houses in Babylon” and expressing some concern about what might be said about theirs.  It seems that we are  now the blogging scourge of Babylon real estate.

I hope that people out there know that Deb and I aren’t out to do a hatchet job when we go see houses. We try to give an honest evaluation, which does include our subjective opinions and maybe a little snark from time to time . This blog started mostly as a personal journal, a tool to help us keep of houses we’d seen, home prices, sales, etc and it still functions that way for us,  even though hundreds of other people read it too.

By the way, if you’re a seller or Realtor and you disagree with what I wrote about a house, feel free to post a rebuttal in the comments. We try to be fair (although not balanced) here at HIB and welcome dissenting opinions.