Well, here it is Friday and I’m finally posting the Open House reports for Saturday and Sunday. At least I’m getting better about not waiting three weeks before things get posted up. This has been a busy week, so not much time for posting.

So, two open houses this past weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both of them were interesting, but not really in a good way.

21 Cameron Ave

Surprisingly, we liked this house a lot more than we thought we would. It’s an odd home, both odd looking and oddly laid out. It very poor curb appeal, with its blue-gray painted cement and the flat, jumbled up architecture. The house kinda looks like two houses stuck together with a little join piece in the middle.

The main area of the house is open floor plan. There are no walls or dividers between the living room, dining room and kitchen. The kitchen is against the far wall and is nicely updated. The living room area is big and spacious with nice hardwood floors.

A few steps up and set of french doors separate the master suite from the open plan area. The master bedroom is fairly small with decent closets. The master bathroom is nicely tiled, floor to ceiling. There’s a steam shower and a big spa tub. The fixtures are European, a little different than their American counterparts, but there’s one thing missing from this master suite…a wall. There is no wall or divider between the master bedroom and the master bath. There a little nook for the toilet to give some privacy, but no door or screen. This takes the open floor plan concept way too far, in my opinion.

There are four more bedrooms, all of moderate or small size. One on the same side as the master and three more on the other side of the house, stacked up on top of each other. There’s a bottom floor bedroom, a top floor bedroom and a “mezzanine” level bedroom. There’s another bath on this side of the house too, tiled in the same style as the master, with euro fixtures and a small urinal as an added bonus. That’s right, a urinal.

There’s no backyard, per se. Just like the other Cameron house we looked at, this one is backed up to Railroad Ave. There’s just a few feet from the back door to the back fence and Railroad Ave is only a foot or so behind that. Unlike 35 Cameron, however, there’s a significant amount of side yard space that could be put to good use with a proper fence.

We did really like this house and I could see us living there if the price was right. There’s plenty of room inside for us and our things, although there’s very little in the way of raw storage space since there’s no basement or attic area for that.

33 Mason Ave

  • MLS# —- Zillow Page
  • Ask $399,900
  • 3 bedrooms – 1 bath
  • Taxes: $5,628.23 – Village Taxes: $508.50

It’s funny that Debra and I walked into this house and both of us immediately got the impression that the place was similar to our Grandmother’s place. Obviously we have different Grandmothers, so it’s a bit of oddness…or maybe not.

By the way, this one isn’t on MLS as of this writing. I only found the house because I saw the Coach Realtors sign as I was driving home from work.

There are only two words for this place, old and tiny. Nothing on this house has been touched probably since Eisenhower was president. I peeked into the utility room and the burner was this giant, iron, monstrosity that was probably older than me. The realtor said that it was likely a coal conversion, hence the little door on the front. I’ve never seen anything like it.

The first floor has a small kitchen, a small living room, a utility room and a laundry room. There’s a small table crammed into the kitchen, but other than that there’s no place to actually sit down and eat.

Upstairs there’s a neat, little landing at the top of the stairs, a tiny master and two microscopic other bedrooms. The bathroom is also small and also dates back to the 50’s.

The house needs major repair and renovation, a new heating system, new roof, kitchen, bath and that’s just for starters. Problem is that even if you did all that, you’d be left with a nicely updated, but still tiny and barely usable house. Since the house is backed up almost to the property line, you couldn’t really expand out the back. You might be able to add a piece on to the front of the house to get more space, but it hardly seems worth it.

It’s too bad, because it’s a cute, little, Dutch colonial. It’s got a lot of charm. But I can’t see anyone buying this house to actually live in unless they’re desperate. But I don’t know that the numbers really work out for buying the property, knocking down the house and building a new one.