Commenter Babylonian remarks on some open houses.

I’d like to add my comments on the open houses from last weekend.

As for the George Street house, I’m not sure what the big deal is. The house is cute, that’s about it. There were a ton of people there so much that we were on our own (which I thoroughly enjoy much better than given a tour) but I scooted out of there quickly. Nice bedrooms upstairs but the master downstairs with no closet, the narrow bathroom, the plan to stud 10 different rooms in the basement and the maze of fences in the backyard sent me running, not the price.

I really loved the Park Ave. house. The huge dining room, original farmhouse sink, living area with sliding doors to the patio is great. Definitely would need to do a kitchen makeover to add cabinets. However, I do think that there is some wasted space with the “picture alley.” Agent said that it was the wrap around porch, I would have loved it more! I’m wondering if I ran into your wife here. There was a woman upstairs (blonde hair) with baby in carrier making jokes about the little step ups into and out of the rooms. I’m assuming not very conducive to a happy house hunting experience.

More so than Park, I surprised myself with how much I loved the Paumanake house. The bedrooms are overly large, the bathrooms are newly renovated, the kitchen still has charm with the bbq, the outside/inside slate floor room with hot tub and the finished basement is more than I ever expected from this house. I’m curious as to why it hasn’t been sold yet? Maybe the taxes?

I’m also curious if Blog knows any of my family dirt? Ha ha!

Hi Babylonian. Yes, that sounds like my wife you saw at the Park house. Tall, blond and snarky, that’s my missus.

Blog has already remarked on the situation at 50 Paumanake in earlier comments. I liked that house very much, but I think the price is really out of line. It was originally listed at $549K and now sits at $499K. That’s a big number for what is essentially just a very nice, three bedroom house. It’s in nice, move-in condition, but you couldn’t really call it “updated”. I don’t see any recent comps that would qualify that house as a half million dollar piece of real estate.

Plus there are the taxes to consider, which are pretty high. I think that they could be brought down a lot if they were aggressively grieved.

Something about the 44 George house really calls to me, despite its many negatives. Obviously it has great curb appeal and I’d love to live close in to the heart of the Village. On the other hand, it’s on a moderately busy street, across from the condos and an active post office. It’s pretty small, only has one bathroom , etc.

Still, I’d love to live there for the right price.