Well, it seems like the blog is really starting to pick up steam. I’m shooting for a more aggressive posting schedule and there’s been a lot of recent activity in the comment section. It’s the comments that I’d like to talk about briefly.

I welcome all comments and commenters. I’m especially interested in hearing from the locals, but even if you’re reading this in Outer Mongolia, please feel free to speak up.  Real estate pros or kibbitzers, people looking to buy or sell and random people who are just interested in the blog are all welcome.

I’m interested in all points of view here. All I ask is that people be civil. Things did get a bit heated yesterday and that’s not what we’re after on HIB. Please no talk of “Realtwhores” or other clever bon mots from the bubble blog crew.

Although I did brag to my wife yesterday that our  blog sparked its first flamewar, albeit a small one.  So there’s something to be said for that.