From Newsday – Babylon Will Help Middle Income Families Buy Homes

Trying to jolt a lethargic housing market, the Town of Babylon announced yesterday it will give middle-income families a $15,000 down payment match toward the purchase of their first home.

Those who earn 81 to 120 percent of the area’s median income will qualify for the program. For example, a single buyer can make up to $81,550 and a family of four up to $116,500, Supervisor Steve Bellone said. The home must be purchased within the town, and while the program is open to all of Long Island, priority will be given to those who are already town residents.

Props to commenter FanofBabylonVillage for pointing this out, although I did actually see it first yesterday on My Babylon Village.

Of course, as my wife points out, we don’t qualify as “middle income” in Babylon Town. We’re probably well below the median in the Village proper, but townwide we just make too damn much money.