This one slipped past me and wasn’t included in the October sold property report. So here it is, presented for your enjoyment and for my bizarre sense of completeness. This isn’t a place that I’d particularly be interested in, but it’s important to include it for reasons that you’ll see below.

Just FYI, the sold properties search on MLSLI now seems to be working properly on all of my computers. I’m mildly pleased about that. Now I don’t have to sneak on to Debra’s laptop to assuage my real estate addiction.

Yes, I’m an addict, but I can quit any time I want.

95 Woodsome Rd

  • MLS# 2104883Zillow Page
  • Sold: $550,000 – 10/31/2008
  • Prior Sales: 05/18/2001 – $375,000
  • 4 bedrooms – 3 bath – Expanded Ranch
  • Taxes: $16,106 – Village Taxes: $1,565

This is a really surprising price. This is a big house – four bedrooms, three baths, ten rooms – on a third of an acre south of Montauk. It’s just east of Little East Neck Road South, which puts it in the Babylon school district, not to mention in a pretty upscale area of the village.

I don’t remember looking at this listing when it was for sale. I have no idea what the inside looks like. Even still, scoll down the list of properties for sale in Babylon on MLSLI and check out the $500K to $600K range. There’s nothing remotely comparable to this house. It’s a serious comp-killer.