Tonight starts the new season of Top Chef. This season one of the contestants is going to be Danny Gagnon, Chef de Cuisine at The Carriage House, my favorite Village restaurant. Skillet Doux has this to day about Danny’s chances:

This season’s entry in the Beefy New Yorker division is Danny Gagnon (hey, not an Italian this time!), who’s a CIA grad and chef de cuisine at Babylon Carriage House in New York. The guy has a great education and is working a successful NY restaurant, so you may wonder why I have him in the bottom half. First, again, the menu at Babylon Carriage House isn’t his — at least not officially — so it’s hard to know what he does. But more importantly, his specialty is listed as “Italian/Asian Fusion”, which just gives me the jibblies.

Well, Italian/Asian fusion doesn’t give me the jibblies, since I have no idea what it is, so best of luck to Danny. I won’t be watching, since I hate those kinds of shows, but I’ll be following his progress.

If you want to watch, the show premieres tonight at 10PM EST on Bravo.


Q&A With Danny Gagnon

When I got the call from a producer—“Danny, you have made it to the top 30”—I dropped the phone and started running around the Carriage House parking lot: “Oh my God you gotta be kidding me.” I went in and burned like five steaks.