We’re entering the scary and spooky season. No, it’s not Halloween or ghosts that trouble us, but the looming recession and the specter unsold homes. If you’re sitting on a house that you’d like to sell right now, you’ve got to be pretty spooked.

Things have been a little quiet here at HIB. A new baby and a stagnant real estate market make for very light blogging.

Homes in Babylon

  • Total: 82
  • Babylon School District: 53
  • BSD and Under 600K: 31
  • Condos/Coops:12

The total homes number is down by nine from the last report. There’s been very little new in the last month and absolutely nothing that I’d want to look at, even just for curiosity’s sake.

As we peruse the list of properties for sale, some of our old friends are still there. 43 Strong Ave is still sitting at $399K. 35 Cameron and 198 Cadman are at $389K. 27 Cedar Street is down to $419K, which would still be too much for that house, even if it wasn’t right across the street from a giant, cinder block, LIRR building.