So here we are in October looking back to last month. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was able to get the Sold Properties tool working on my wife’s laptop and nowhere else (so far). I can’t claim any particular computer mojo for this feat, simply blind luck. We’ll see how that holds up.

It looks like we had three whole sales in September after getting eleven of them them the month before. Things are moving slowly in mortgage land, or so I’m told, so there might be more sales in pipeline that just haven’t popped yet. Time will tell.

86 Montrose Ave

  • MLS# 2021182Zillow Page
  • Sold: $520,000 – 9/15/2008
  • Prior Sales: none
  • 4 bedrooms – 1.5 bath – Colonial
  • Taxes: $$9,132 – Village Taxes: $762

The sold price beats the Zestimate by $140,000. You really have to wonder about those things.

I don’t really remember much about this listing when it was up. Debra says she looked at it and the internal pics were very nice.

52 Lincoln St

  • MLS# 2100595Zillow Page
  • Sold: $580,000 – 9/26/2008
  • Prior Sales: None
  • 4 bedrooms – 2 bath – Farm Ranch
  • Taxes: $11,969 – Village Taxes: $716

This is a nice, big farm ranch on a nice-sized piece of land. It’s right in the middle of the Presidential section, making it nice value, I think.

81 Pilcher St

  • MLS# 2097040Zillow Page
  • Sold: $422,000 – 9/26/2008
  • Prior Sales: 03/19/2007 – $400,000
  • 3 bedrooms – 1.5 bath – Split Ranch
  • Taxes: $8,570 – Village Taxes: $774

We saw this place at an open house and I wrote about it here. This is a nice house. Debra and I liked it, although it’s a bit far north for us.

I thought it was a little overpriced, but it wasn’t on the market very long and went for just 7K under ask. So that shows you what I know.