The Summer is now officially over. Mostly it’s still hot and muggy, but there have been a few cold, wet, rainy days and a slight chill of Autumn is in the air. With the Summer goes the Summer selling season and consequently the number of homes on MLS is slowly dropping. A couple of homes that we looked at or visited are missing from the listings. The Sold Properties tool still isn’t working, so I can’t see if the missing properties have actually been sold or just withdrawn.

Homes in Babylon

  • Total: 91
  • Babylon School District: 59
  • BSD and Under 600K: 33
  • Condos/Coops:12

There’s not a lot new in the mix, certainly nothing to interest us. A lot high-priced, million-dollar range and up homes seem to have hit the market recently. I can’t help but wonder if it’s related to the Wall Street meltdown and issues with the credit markets.

As time goes on I feel that there’s less and less of a chance of us buying something this year unless there’s a really good deal on a house we love and I haven’t seen anything close to that yet.