I know that I haven’t been updating the blog much recently. I’m sorry about that, but things have been busy here at HIB headquarters.

  • I changed my nickname on the blog from Chuchundra to Gary. Chuchundra has been my internet alias for going on ten years now. I use it mainly for posting on political blogs. Since this blog isn’t really about my particular political views, I’ve decided to forgo it here and switch to using my real first name.
  • I’ve added my wife Debra to users list. She’s written something about our recent look at 39 Totten Pl and I hope to have it up soon under her byline
  • Speaking of Debra, she’s very pregnant and now three days overdue with our beautiful but recalcitrant daughter. Obviously this is causing a lot of consternation around here, but we hope for some progress shortly.
  • Despite my previous mishap with a WordPress uprade, I decided today to move to version 2.6.2 today. The operation went off with out a hitch and everything seems to be working normally at this time.