Who is freaking out here? Well, first of all, there’s me. The baby is due any day now and we’re still in out two bedroom apartment.

On top of that, with foreclosures on the upswing, Fannie and Freddie in the dumper and a major recession looming, the thought that I might actually buy a house in this market and then see its value plummet like a stone is also freakout material.

On the other hand, home sellers must be freaking out in a big way right now. The summer is drawing to a close and their homes are still on the market. The hot real estate season is drawing to a close and all they have to look forward to is the chill of Autumn and the Fall bargain hunters.

Homes in Babylon

  • Total: 95
  • Babylon School District: 63
  • BSD and Under 600K: 36
  • Condos/Coops:15

Not a lot of movement in the numbers since the last MLS report. There seems to be more condos for sale. I’m not all that interested in condos these days, but it’s interesting that they seem to be a drug on the market.

A lot of the same suspects are hanging around on MLS waiting for a buyer to come along and snatch the place up. I still see 43 Strong, 35 Cameron and 27 Cedar listed. 223 Locust seems to have dropped off MLS, but there’s no sale listed on MLS and no “Sold” sign on their lawn, so I’m guessing they just pulled ti off the market.

There are a few good prospects on the list, including a re-listed property from last year that we’re interested in seeing. I still have some open houses to write up. I hope to have those in a day or so.