Just a few random things from my bookmark file.

40 Houses for $400,000
A nice little photo gallery on Newsday’s site. Forty homes all around Long Island priced at $400,00
More on the hoax robbery in Babylon
Video from WCBS, featuring some interviews with a few Babylonians about all the commotion. Cesar Ramirez should have found some other way to pay his mortgage.
What you need to know about the subprime reform law

A write-up on the Newsday Real Estate blog.

On Labor Day, many provisions in the state’s new subprime lending reform law kicked in, but some protections apply to homeowners in general.

In lenders’ letters notifying nonsubprime borrowers that foreclosure proceedings will be started, lenders must advise homeowners to consult an attorney or legal aid. The notice must also say that nonprofits and government agencies are available to discuss options and negotiate with lenders. It must say that information is available from the New York State Banking Department. In addition, the letter must warn against foreclosure prevention scams.