Posting has been a little light this week. This is the week I get to have my son over, so I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit. Here are some quick hits.

  • We went to three open houses on Sunday. Nothing really that we’d think about buying, but there’s always something to learn. I’ve been trying to convince my wife to do the write up, since she’s a much better writer than I am, but either way, I should have a write up for them soon.
  • Another open house on Thursday. This one has some potential.
  • My friend Trevor has been en fuego with his blog posting, if you’re interested in the mortgage or real estate biz, you should really check him out. I’m going to redo his site a bit in the next week or two, once I get a little free time.
  • At the Thursday open house I ran Martin Hepworth from Netter who said he read my blog and gave me some props.
  • There’s been some people asking me if I could do some web site work for them.  I’m not actively soliciting for new clients right now, what with the house hunting and the baby on the way, but I’m always open to talk, especially if you’re local or close to Babylon. If you’re interested, drop me a line at info (at)
  • My wife is 36 weeks along now. We just did the 36 week ultrasound and all looks good. I can’t wait to meet my new, baby daughter.
  • Torta Fina, the new bakery on Deer Park Ave is now open. I stopped by today for a cappuccino and some cookies. It’s a nice place, but I’ll miss the bran muffins from Wilhelms.
  • I took some pictures at Hawley’s Lake Park. I’m planning to post them up soon.

Lastly, if you’re reading this blog, please feel free to leave a comment. Click on the Comments link under this post and let me know what you think or just say hi.