I’m sitting here tonight watching the Giants beat up on the Browns in their second pre-season game of the year. Thing is, instead of typing on my laptop and watching the game on the tube, I could be at the game right now. Over the last week or so, I’ve seen plenty of tickets for sale on my favorite Giants site, The Corner Forum on Big Blue Interactive.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, pre-season tickets have the same face value as regular season tickets. A seat that costs $85 for a chilly December game with serious playoff implications costs te same exact $85 for a meaningless August game with scrub players taking half the snaps. Part of the “tax” paid by Giants season ticket holders is that they must buy tickets to all 10 home games, the 8 regular season games and the 2 meaningless pre-season games.

There are always tons of unwanted pre-season tickets floating around. If you read the threads on the Corner Forum, you can pick up pre-season tix for 20 or 30 dollars or less. That’s the market. There are lots of these things available and very few buyers. As I said, I thought about going, but the prospect of spending Tuesday at work drinking coffee and trying to keep my eyes open because I spent the night at an exhibition game didn’t really appeal to me.

Still, even with the commonly known state of the market, there are still people who post threads looking to get face value or slightly less for their pre-season tickets. They disregard all the available data and price the tickets based on what they paid for them or what they feel their worth. They’re just not paying attention.

Sometimes, when I look at homes on MLS, it’s like the same people who are trying to move their pre-season tickets for face value. They just aren’t paying attention. They haven’t looked at the data. They want to get what they feel their property is worth. But they won’t