Newsday does a little article about Southard’s Pond here in Babylon.

It is the 100 acres of woodland maintained between Park Avenue and Sunrise Highway in the middle of Babylon Village: Southards Pond Park.

It is a segment of the greenbelt — one-eighth of a mile long and one-quarter mile wide — extending from Argyle Park in the south to Belmont Lake State Park in the north, but unlike those parks, which are cultivated extensions of human-designed environments with paved sidewalks, vegetation planted and maintained, playgrounds and sculpted spillways — Southards Pond Park is deliberately kept as a well-tended pathway through an otherwise untamed natural environment.

Bob Grover, a director of environmental services with Greenman-Pedersen Inc. and an avid birder, describes the area as unusual in its variety of birds because of the variety of bird-friendly environments, including marshy wetlands, small streams, wooded wetlands and a large pond, each with its own attraction for distinct bird species.

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Just as an aside, Newsday’s website is just terrible. I have my RSS reader set to their “Long Island” feed and this didn’t show up there. The only way I found out about it was through a Google Alert. Shouldn’t there be an easy way for me to look at news that’s specifically about my town or county without having to troll through their entire, badly designed site?