Month: July 2008

MLS Report – Summer Doldrums Edition

The Summer is just about half over and I feel tremendously unexcited by the state of the Babylon real estate market. I still check MLS every day for new listings, but what I see is pretty disheartening. Homes new to the market...

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Buy Now, While Rates Are Low!

When I go to open houses or otherwise talk with Realtors about the housing market, one of their favorite arguments on the “buy now” front is that mortgage rates are still very low and I should think about buying...

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Newsday Photo Contest

Night life on Long Island This picture is from Newsday’s third annual photo contest. Babylon’s own Ashley Nicole Fava, 20, captures normally bustling Deer Park Avenue late at night when everything is quiet and...

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Hampton House Prices Fall

From Bloomberg Second-quarter sales volume dropped 29 percent and the median price fell 11 percent to $735,000 from a year earlier in the resort communities on the East End of New York’s Long Island, Suffolk Research...

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Open House Sunday

This was another pleasant summer afternoon spent exploring houses in Babylon Village. We weren’t the only ones out and about. At each of the houses we went to we ran in to at least one other couple there looking for their...

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